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Software Engineer

Just a guy who is very passionate about software development

A developer with over 8 years experience in public and private sector, mostly in Banking. Besides day-to-day job I'm also a keen hobbyist and am self taught in multiple other technologies and am passionate about using these skills to assist small and medium business take advantage of technology to reach their full potential


Professional Experience

Junior developer

2016 - 2018

Magna BC, Lynnwood, Pretoria

  • Developer: Traffic Information Systems
  • Technical Support

Java Software Engineer

2018 - 2021

BBD, Killarney, Johannesburg

  • Developer: Legacy systems migration
  • Design and Lead Backend Developer: Foreign Payments Engine facilitating Incoming and Outgoing foreign payments for retail and commercial clients for one of the major banks in South Africa
  • Development contributor: In-house Java microservice framework
  • Research and development


2021 - 2024

FNB eBucks,Sandton, Johannesburg

  • Design and implement Java microservices
  • Lead Backend Developer: Various reward partners' integrations
  • Research and development

Analyst Developer

2024 - Present

Capitec Bank, Sandton, Johannesburg

  • Analyst Developer: App


My Services

Web Development

Static websites, dynamic webapps using modern web frameworks like Angular, React and Vue

Native Apps

Native mobile(Android and iOS) and desktop(Windows and MacOS) Apps


Enterprise Java applications and cloud native framework applications


Past Projects


Mathebe Wedding webapp is a page I built as an album for my wedding pictures. Since then it's also become a bit of a playground where I test out new web frameworks. I initially built it as a Spring MVC app to check out templating then changed it to React when I started playing around with it, its current reincarnation is as a Flutter web app

Web, Mobile, Cloud

The RSVP App is an app I've created to help people organising parties or events to manage their guest list. Using the app organisers can invite people using their phone numbers and the guests receive SMSs with a link where they can RSVP for the event, the organiser can then see in realtime who has or has not RSVPd.

Web, Mobile, Cloud

Koolout is a local fast food business in rural North West province, the business required a solution to enable their customers to place orders online for pickup or delivery due to unavailability of well-known delivery services like UberEats & MrD in the area. The project consists of a customer facing web application and an Android application which not only manages the online orders but it also acts as a point-of-sale application for physical sales enabling the store to centrally manage & track all(online & offline) sales and inventory


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